Pearl of Indian Ocean is well known tourism icon in the World and for centuries it had been a tourism destination for many travelers.



Pearl of Indian Ocean is well known tourism icon in the World and for centuries it had been a tourism destination for many travelers. In the 20th century the explorer Marco Polo state that,   Sri Lanka was the finest island in the whole World and best valued destination for holidays.

When you visit Sri Lanka, you can discover an island filled with the essence of a paradise, which is unable to experience anywhere else, such as; golden beaches with eternal sunshine and aquamarine waves, heritage sites with manmade oceans and built cities in the sky, wildlife filled with natural wonders, sports & adventures from tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean, mind & body wellness, scenic beauty, cultural festivals filled with colours& sounds, essence, etc.

Sri Lankan is generally known for their hospitality & delicious foods too. So when you visit     Sri Lanka you get a great chance to serve your tongue with these delicious foods and fill your heart with warmest hospitality, except to live in a paradise for few days which you only heard in ferry tails.



Official name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Capital Sri Jayawardenepura(legislative capital) Colombo (administrative capital)
Area : 65,610 sq km



Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with monsoons (large-scale wind systems that reverse direction seasonally). Most temperature variation in the country is determined by elevation rather than season, with cooler temperatures at higher elevations. The average monthly temperature in the lowlands ranges from 26° to 31°C (78° to 87°F) year-round. Temperatures at NuwaraEliya, situated at an elevation of 1,525 m (5,000 ft) in the central highlands, range from 13°C (55°F) in December to 20°C (70°F) in May.


Travel Information: –

Sri Lanka is an Island with perfect year- escape with temperature averaging around 30.C. In Sri Lanka there are two main rainy seasons in May-June and November – December. These short showers never make any hassle or obstacle to enjoy your perfect day excursion rather than providing delightful refreshment.

Colombo is our main city and Rupees is Sri Lanka Currency (in 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000). Any police station, hospitals and friendly Sri Lankans will help and guide you, when you need any help or support within your tour.

With its stunning natural treasures & rich cultural heritage, Sri Lanka is an island getaway quite unlike any other that offers a journey of discovery. With Aitken Spence Travels you will be able to explore this nation where new experiences await.

An island paradise full of unexpected surprises, Sri Lanka provides an enchanting getaway that offers a whole new perspective on the world we live in. Destinations within the island are unique from one another, be it local traditions, natural landscapes, wildlife or even beaches, all offering one of a kind escapes that provide an insight into what has made this nation the “Wonder of Asia”


Foods in Sri Lanka: –

 Sri Lankan food is unique, as per the culture and region. Tourists will feel these foods are very mild or hot. The specialty in Sri Lankan food is that, same dish is differently made in different regions and fiery hot spicy flavors and coconut milk is very distinct feature of Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lankan curries prepare in many verities of flavors and colours, blended in Sri Lankan hot spices. Rice and curry is the main food item in Sri Lanka. In festival season Sri Lankan’s made special sweets with coconut milk, floor and honey.

Sri Lanka, is an Island, therefore we receive fresh seafood daily. There are many different Sri Lanka mouthwatering seafood recipes. Curry with coconut milk, chilies, curry leaves, cinnamon garlic and fish is consider as Sri Lanka’s signature seafood dish among many tourists. Seafood lovers can enjoy with Beer Batter Fish, White Fish curry with king fish, Battered Prawns, MaluAmbulthiyal, Crab Curry, Asian Spicy Tuna Salad, Devilled Prawns, Chilly Fried Fish, DaellaThiyal (Cuttle Fish), Fish Moju, Fish Pickle, Creamed Salmon, Fantastic Fish Pie, Spicy barbecued tamarind Fish and Coconut Shrimp Curry, which you will feel you are tasting a dish from heaven.

 ‘Sea Fish’, ‘Beach Wadiya’, ‘The Manhatton Fish Market’, ‘Babu Beach Sea Food Restaurant’, Mt. Lavinia Breeze’, ‘Shanghi Terrace’, ‘The Shore by O!’ ‘Restaurant Refresh’, ‘Ministry of Crab’, ‘Kingfisher’, ‘Loon Tao’, ‘Shaze’, ‘Hot Rock’, Fancy Sea Food Restaurant’  are some famous restaurants in Sri Lanka for unique seafood menus. 



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